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The name started out as Nase or de Ness when the family left France, and stayed that way until it left Shrewsbury for Scotland. Then, however....

As the story goes, Richard de la Glen of Bar arrived in Scotland (as a Nase or de Ness) in the mid-13th century under the broad arm of Edward I. His son is said to have commanded troops for the bishop of Glasgow against Wallace. His grandson is said to have married a conveniently illegitimate daughter of Robert the Bruce. Fast forward to 1564. James Glen, his children, brother, kin, and friends were made answerable to the queen only, that is, exempt from any other law. This James commanded troops for the queen at Langside and, because he did, had had his estates forfeited in 1568, but restored five years later by the treaty of Perth. James's daughter Mary was said to have been one of the four ladies in waiting of the queen (who apparently liked to have only those with the name Mary in that position). So much for the fancies of family history.

Source: Glenn family papers; Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family

generation no. 1

Richard de la Glen, born c 1250, an Anglo-Norman, settled in Bar, Linlithgow, Scotland.

generation no. 2

John de la Glen, of age by 1292, received grant from father of Gaytflat in Paisley, confirmed by Edward I, present at Falkirk and Brannockburn.

generation no. 3

Sir Robert de Glen. Married Margaret Bruce, illegitimate daughter Robert I.

generation no. 4

William de Glen, died before 14 June 1373.

generation no. 5

Paul de Glen

generation no. 6

John de Glen, succeeded Paul, entered service of Robert Steward of Lorn.

generation no. 7

William Glen, of Bar, armiger, alive 1452. Held Gaytflat as well as Bar and adjacent lands, witness to donation of the Fishings in the Crockat shot and lands, by Robert Lord Lisle, to the Monastery of Paisely, dated 25 September 1452.

Sources: Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 8

Robert Glen, heir of his father, alive 1494, died 1506. A companion of Sir Umfridi Cunyngham of Glengarnock and with him at Perth, where he witnessed a charter of Cunninghame dated 24 April 1494.

Sources: Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 9

James Glen, of Bar, of age 1506, died c 1554. Grant of confirmation from Robert, Lord Abbott of Paisley of the lands of Bar, Brigend and Lyntchils (Lynthills) in the lordship of Glen, and Regality of Paisley 1506. Same year made a pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James de Compostella. At Flodden and in 1517 was captain of company of 102 footmen. On the assize as a Justice 12 February 1543. Died 1554, it is thought by an accident and is supposed to have been killed at the battle of Ancrum. Succeeded by his son James.

Sources: Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 10

James Glen, of Bar, who commanded the retreat for Queen Mary at Langside. Estates forfeited 1568 on basis of his allegiance to her, restored by treaty of Perth 1573.

Sources: Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 11

William Glen, born between 1520 and 1530, died before 23 January 1610. Married Margaret Cunningham.

Sources: Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 12

George Glen, graduated University of Edinburgh 1624.

Source:s Bulloch, A History of the Glenn Family; Glenn, "History of Glenn"

generation no. 13

Alexander Glen, graduated University of Edinburgh 1667, died before 23 August 1722. Married Marion Graham of Longcroft.

generation no. 14

John Glenn, physician of Duplin Co. NC. Married Sarah Jones, daughter of Robert Jones (son of Edward Jones of Shocco Creek, King and Queen Co. VA and Abigail Shuman) and Ann Duke.

generation no. 15

Thomas Glenn, born c 1738, of Currituck Co. NC.

generation no. 16

Duke Glenn, born c 1763. Married c 1770 Ann — — . Will recorded in Greene Co. VA.

generation no. 17

Thomas Glenn, born 5 August 1783, died 6 February 1830. "Departed this life Saturday evening the 6th of February 1830, after a long and painful illness of 11 months. Disease a chronic affection of the liver. Aged 46 years, 6 months, and 1 day, Memento mori." Married 5 February 1811 Mary Tuthill, born 20 April 1788, died May 1850, daughter of William and Fereby Tuthill.

Source: Thomas Glenn Bible

generation no. 18

Luther Judson Glenn, born 26 November 1818, died 1886. Lawyer, mayor of Atlanta 1858-60, colonel of Cobb's Legion at Antietam and Gettysburg 1862-65. Married 27 April 1842 Mildred Lewis Rootes Cobb. Buried Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA.

Source: Thomas Glenn Bible

generation no. 19

John Thomas Glenn, born 21 March 1844, died 14 March 1899. Lawyer, mayor of Atlanta 1889-91. Married 23 April 1873 Helen Augusta Garrard. Buried Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta.

Source: Thomas Glenn Bible; cemetery and public records

generation no. 20

Garrard Glenn [collateral], born 17 August 1878 in Atlanta GA, died 25 January 1949 in Charlottesville VA. Attorney in New York City. Noted law professor at UVa (see letter). Married 9 September 1909 Rosa Aubrey Wood.

Helen Mildred Lewis Glenn, born 23 February 1884 (see letters), died at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday, 19 March 1972, in West River MD. Renowned for her conviviality and the flask of Scotch whisky in her cane. Noted for her love of her husband, history, the color green, friends, and family. Married 15 November 1912 at Christ Church in Alexandria VA after a two-week acquaintance to Theodore Gordon Ellyson.

Source: Thomas Glenn Bible; Glenn family records, cemetery and public records

generation no. 21 (brothers)

Garrard Wood Glenn, born 7 August 1910 in New York City, died in Mexico City in automobile accident, October 1978. Attorney-at-law. Married Priscilla.

John Forsyth Cobb Glenn Senior, born 17 February 1916, died 9 October 2009. Married 15 June 1946 (1) Elisabeth Mayo Buford, born 16 December 1922, died 26 February 1993; (2) Mildred Taylor Rose. Patent attorney, first case argued before U.S. Supreme Court. Known for his wit, intellectual curiosity, and love of tradition ("because tradition does not require explanation, just observance — how simple").

generation no. 22 (brothers)

John Forsyth Cobb Glenn Junior, born 15 May 1947 in Richmond VA. Stockbroker. Married (1) 1980 Carol Ashton, (2) 24 June 1991 Brenda Leigh Heafner.

Charles Erskine Buford Glenn, born 25 June 1951 in Richmond VA. Patent attorney. Married 5 June 1982 Kimberly Boyce Baker in Richmond.

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